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PhD Graduates

Dr. Carolin Wahl - Mattiq

Dr. Stephanie Ribet - UC Berkeley

Dr. Kelly Parker - Baxter Pharmaceuticals, IL

Dr. Chi Zhang 

Dr. Chamille Lescott - Northwestern University, IL

Dr. Liban Jibril - Intel Corp., AZ

Dr. Jingshan Du - PNNL, WA

Dr. Cesar Villa - Consultant

Dr. Jann Grovogui - Aerospace Corporation

Dr. Jennifer DiStephano - Energy Futures Initiative

Dr. Akshay Murthy - ASM America, Inc., AZ

Dr. Xiaomi Zhang - Apple, Inc., CA

Dr. Yue Li - Northwestern University, IL

Dr. Karl Hujsak – McKinsey & Company, IL

Dr. Fernando Castro – Gatan, Inc., CA

Dr. Ben Myers – Northwestern University, IL

Dr. Eve Hanson – Citrine Informatics, IL

Dr. Jeff Cain – University of California Berkeley, CA

Dr. Shihhan Lo – Intel Corp., OR

Dr. Yi-Kai Huang – Intel Corp., OR

Dr. Shraddha Avasthy – Intel Corp., OR

Dr. Stan Shihyao Chou – Sandia National Lab, NM

Dr. Aiming Yan – University of California Santa Cruz, CA

Dr. Bin Liu – Intel Corp., CA

Dr. Mengchun Pan – Intel Corp., OR

Dr. Soo-Hyun Tark – Intel Corp., OR

Dr. Tao Sun – Argonne National Laboratory, IL

Dr. Zixiao Pan – Exponent Consulting, CA

Dr. Suresh Donthu – Exponent Consulting, CA

Dr. Nasim Alem – Pennsylvania State University, PA

Dr. Pradyumna Prabhumirashi – Intel Corp., Santa

Dr. Ming Su – Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA Clara, CA

Dr. Murat Guruz – Hitachi-IBM Alliance, CA

Dr. Kevin L. Klug – CTC Corp., PA

Dr. Luke N. Brewer – University of Alabama, AL

Dr. Xiwei Lin – Intel Corp., OR

Dr. Conal Murray – IBM Watson Res. Ctr., NY

Dr. Kevin Johnson – Intel Corp., OR

Dr. Richard Rodriguez – Intel Corp., CA

Dr. Steven Kim – Emispec Inc., AZ

Dr. Henry Lippard – AllVac Inc., NC

Dr. Thomas Isabell – JEOL, MA

Dr. Jonathan J. Host – Hemlock Corp., MI

Dr. Elizabeth C. Dickey – North Carolina State University, NC

Dr. Michelle St. Louis-Weber – Intel Corp, CA

Dr. V. Ravikumar – GE, Global R&D, NY

Postdoctoral Scholars

Dilip Kunmar Agarwal - UCSD 

Dr. Arslan Shehzad - Intel Corp, OR

Dr. Paul Das 

Dr. Sonali Dhindwal -

Dr. Qing Tu - Texas A&M University

Dr. Yuan Li – Northwestern University, China

Dr. Poya Yasaei – Exponent Consulting, IL

Dr. Yaobin Xu – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, WA

Dr. Soo Ryoon Ryoo – Dankook University, S. Korea

Dr. Abhalaxmi Singh – University of Illinois at Chicago, IL

Dr. Shanthi Kanthala – Kashiv Pharm Bridgewater, NJ

Dr. Fengyuan Shi – University of Illinois at Chicago, IL

Dr. Langli Luo – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Wa

Dr. Changquiang Chen – University of Iowa, IA

Dr. Saurabh Sharma – Northwestern University, IL

Dr. Mrinmoy De – Northwestern University, IL

Dr. Mirela Mustata – Northeastern University, MA

Dr. Soo-Hyun Tark – Intel Corporation, OR

Dr. Arvind Srivastava – Nanosonix, Inc., IL

Dr. Mohammed Aslam – IIT Bombay, India

Dr. Hao Hu – PriceWaterhouseCoopers, NY

Dr. Shu-You Li – Northwestern University, IL

Dr. Lei Fu – Photronics, TX

Dr. Jinha Hwang – Hongik University, S. Korea

Dr. Sylvie Malo – CRSIMAT, CNRS, France

Dr. Yanguo Wang – Beijing University, China

Dr. Zhen Liu – Arizone State University, AZ

Dr. Weida Qian – Intel Corp., OR

Dr. S.C. Cheng – Corning Corp., NY

Dr. Yun-Yu Wang – IBM Corp., NY

Dr. Hong Zhang - Applied Materials, CA             

Graduates (Masters of Science)

Chinmay Menon

Yuyao Kuang

Will Kellogg - Intel Corp., CA

Liren Wang 

Aaron Einhorn – Northwestern University, IL

Tzu Hung Chen – Northwestern University, IL

David (Woo Hyun) Chae – Massachusetts Insitute of Technology, MA

James Sbarboro – Neuroquest, IL

Shanwei Fan – Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

Ben Murphy – Triton Systems, MA

Feng Qu – Private Consultant

Michael Miller – Gas Research Institute, IL

Ethan Young – Samsung Corp., S. Korea

Nazir Poonawala – Intel Corp., OR

Balaji Chandrasekaran – Applied Materials, CA

Jinha Hwang – Hongik University, S. Korea

Nathan Wilcox – Interl Corp., CA


Undergraduates (Bachelor of Science)

Caroline Harms -  University of Michigan 

Ben Taalman - Synthesis of novel layered materials

Anna White - 2D materials for various applications

Marisa You – Synthesis and properties of “theranostic” magnetic nanostructures and their biomedical applications

Tiffany Zheng – Synthesis and properties of “theranostic” magnetic nanostructures and their biomedical applications

Kevin Qiu – Determining the contact angle of liquid on CVD graphene films

Tony Huang – Inkjet printing of 2D materials

Conner Dykstra – Sandia National Lab, NM

Dan Charles – Northwestern University, IL

Felix Richter – Mt. Sinai, NY

Ken D’Aquila – Northwestern University, IL

Yen Po Lin – Harvard University, MA

Ethan Chang – Samsung Corp., S. Korea

Nora Colligan – Samsung Corp., TX

Howard Gholston – Intel Corp., AZ

April Hixon – Containerless Corp., IL

Cyndi Batson – University of California Santa Barbara, CA

Jason Ross – Timken Steels, OH

Dhruv Aggarawal – GE, CT

Former Affiliated Staff

Dilip Kumar Agarwal, PhD

Dilip Kumar Agarwal - Research Associate Epic
Nathaniel Kabat
 Research Associate (EPIC)

Elizabeth King - SEM Assistant Laboratory Manager (EPIC)

John Ciraldo - Micro/Nano Fabrication Facility (NUFAB)

Dr. Hee Joon Jun- Research Associate, Materials Science and Engineering & NUANCE Center

Karl Hagglund – SEM Manager Electron Microscopist

Dr. Jinsong Wu – Electron Micropscopist, EPIC Facility, NUANCE Center: HREM, cryo-EM, e-diffraction

Dr. Kai He – TEM Manager, EPIC Facility, NUANCE Center: Analytical S/TEM, aberration corrected S/TEM

Michael Ambrogio – Keck-II Research Associate, Nanotechnology, Drug Delivery Systems, XPS, ToF-SIMS

Dr. Xin Wang - Postdoctoral Fellow, SPID (NUANCE), Tianjin University of Technology, China

Dr. QianQian Li - Postdoctoral Fellow, EPIC (NUANCE), Shanghai University, China

Dr. Chiara Musumeci - Postdoctoral Fellow, SPID (NUANCE), Linkoping University, Sweden

Dr. Neena Gilda - Postdoctoral Fellow, SPID (NUANCE), Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, Taiwan

Dr. Sungkyu Kim - Postdoctoral Fellow, EPIC (NUANCE), Brookhaven National Lab, NY 

Dr. Yaobin Xu - Postdoctoral Fellow, EPIC (NUANCE), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, WA

Visiting Scholars

Jungjae Park-

Jipeng Cheng – Nanocomposites for energy storage

Henguang Liu – Fabrication and in-situ characterization of energy materials

Prof. Yufeng Zhao – Design and synthesis of porous materials and nanomaterials and their application in energy field

Jing Yu – 2D materials, energy storage, and conversion

Manish Jaiswal – IIT Bombay

Priyanka Sharma – Institute of Microbial Technology

Aditya Sood – IIT Kanpur

Steven (Wei-Hsin) Chen – Printing by using 2D/3D materials

Prof. M. Adams – University of Birmingham, UK: Global collaborations in nanotechnology

Dr. A. Aneja – Reliance Industries, Ltd., India: Polymer nanotechnology

Prof. Dhirendra Bahadur – IITB, India: Magnetic nanostructures

Prof. Yoshio Bando – NRIM, Japan: Nanostructures, electron microscopy

Prof. Freddy Boey – NTU, Singapore: Collaborative projects, student exchange

Dr. Surendra Chawla – Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, OH: Collaborative alliances

Dr. M. Eswaramoorthy – JNCASR, India: IUSSTF award research collaborations

Giri Jyotsendu – Caltech, CA: Magnetic therapeutics

Prof. D. Green – Penn State University, PA: Ceramics nanotechnology

Dr. Seungbum Hong – Argonne Laboratories, IL: SPM

Dr. Yoshiki Ishikawa – Hitachi Ltd., Japan

Dr. Jain – IIT Gandhinagar, India: Global opportunities for students

Dr. Bernd Kabius – Argonne Laboratories, IL: Aberration corrected EM

Dr. JY Kempf – L’Oreal France: Cosmetics application of nanotechnology

Dr. Robert Klie – University of Illinois at Chicago, IL: Advanced EM

Prof. Hannes Lichte – Tribenberg, Germany: Electron holography

Prof. S. Mhaisalkar – NTU, Singapore: Collaborative projects, student exchange

Dr. L. Nagahara - NCI, Maryland: Cancer and nanotechnology

K.S. Narayan - JNCASR, India: IUSSTF award research collaborations

Dr. Tsunenori Nomaguchi - Hitachi High Technologies America

Tan Lay Poh - NTU, Singapore: Biomaterials

Dr. Crystal Porter - L'Oreal, USA: Cosmetics application of nanotechnology

Dr. N. Price - Birmingham Science City, UK: Global collaborations in nanotechnology

Dr. Michael Radler - Dow Chemical Co.: Industrial internship

Dr. M. Radler - Dow Chemical Company: Global opportunities for students

Prof. K. Ramamrithen - IIT, Bombay: Engineering nanotechnology

Prof. CNR Rao - Linus Pauling Research Professor and Honorary President of JNCASR

Priyanka Sharma - Institute of Microbial Technology, Visiting predoctoral researcher 

Dr. S. Sivaram - Director of National Chemical Laboratory, India: Global collaborations

Aditya Sood - IIT Kanpur, Visiting predoctoral researcher

Prof. Eric Stach - Purdue University, IN: In-situ EM

Raman Suri - IMTECH, India: Biomolecular receptors and assembly

Dr. Shinichi Tachi - Hitachi High Technologies, CA: NU-Hitachi Hi-Tech Technologies collaborations

Dr. Tachi - Hitachi, Japan: Global opportunities for students

Yxin Tang - NTU, Singapore: Collaborative projects, student exchange

Thomas Thundat - ORNL, TN: Biochem sensors and systems

Dr. Tsapogas - NSF, Virginia: Global opportunities for students

Dr. K. West - Birmingham Science City, UK: Global collaborations in nanotechnology

Junming Xu - Hangzhou Dianzi University

Wang Xu - NTU, Singapore: Collaborative projects, student exchange

Chaoyi Yan - NTU, Singapore: Collaborative projects, staff exchange

Dr. S. Yousef - NSF, Virginia: Global opportunities for students

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