Group Members

Graduate Students

Jeffrey David Cain - Chalcogenide layered structures

Fernando C. Castro - Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials

Eve Hanson - Atomically-thin 2-D halide & chalcohalide heterostructures

Karl Hujsak - Developmental scan probe microscopy of dynamic nanomaterials

Qingyuan Lin - DNA Assembled Metasurfaces for Emergent Nanophotonic Behavior

Benjamin D. Myers - Novel electron beam techniques, lithography & fabrication

Xiaomi Zhang - Characterization of energy materials

Ran Li - Characterization of multi-functional oxides and nano patterning by advanced electron microscopy

Jennifer DiStefano - Nanopatterning of multi-functional oxides

Cesar Villa - In-situ microscopy of energy materials

Jann Grovogui - Microscopy of mesoscale thermoelectric materials

Jingshan Du - Coherent electron microscopy with new high-throughput nanofabrication techniques

Akshay Murthy - Dichalcogenide heterostructures and defects

Postdoctoral Fellows and Senior Research Associates

Vikas Nandwana, Ph.D. - Synthesis and functionalization of "theranostic" magnetic nanostructures for biomedical applications.

Xin Wang, PhD - Atomic Force Microscopy, Colloidal Deposition, Interfacial Adhesion

Fengyuan Shi, PhD - Transmission Electron Microscopy, Thermoelectrics, 2D Materials

Qianqian Li, PhD - In-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy, synthesis and modification of electrode materials

Shanthi Kanthala, Ph.D. - Biomedical Applications of “Theranostic” Magnetic Nanoparticles

Soo-Ryoon Ryoo, Ph.D. - Synthesis, functionalization, and biomedical application of "theragnostic" magnetic/2-D nanomaterials

Heguang Liu, Visiting Student - Fabrication and in-situ characterization of energy materials

Yuan Li, PhD - Synthesis and performance improvement of nanostructured functional 2D materials

Jing Yu, Visiting Student - 2D materials, energy storage and conversion

Affiliated Scientists and Staff

Reiner Bleher, Ph.D. - SEM, TEM, STEM, Cryo-EM, and Microanalysis of biological samples

Xinqi Chen, Ph.D. - Nanomaterials synthesis & characterization, Experimental nanomechanics, Surface characterization

Benjamin D. Myers - SEM Manager, EPIC Facility, NUANCE; Novel electron beam techniques, lithography & fabrication

Eric W. Roth - Research Technologist II, Electron Microscopy Specialist

Gajendra Shekhawat, Ph.D. - Manager, SPID Facility, NUANCE; Advanced SPM, biochemical sensors & systems

Jinsong Wu, Ph.D. - Electron Microscopist, EPIC Facility, NUANCE Center: HREM, cryo–EM, e– diffraction

Undergraduate Research Interns

Woo Hyun Chae - Layered materials and transition metal dichalcogenides

Yakira Mirabito - Novel and emerging microscopy techniques to investigate cell behavior before and after drug delivery

Tiffany Zheng - Synthesis and properties of "theranostic" magnetic nanostructures and their biomedical applications

Tony (Wenyuan) Huang - Inkjet printing of 2D materials

Yang Xia - Synthesis and functionalization of "theranostic" magnetic nanostructures

Former Visiting Scientists/Scholars

Prof. Mohammed AslamIIT Bombay

Dr. Tsunenori Nomaguchi, Hitachi High Technologies America

Chaoyi Yan, NTU, Singapore: Collaborative projects, staff exchange

Junming Xu, Hangzhou Dianzi University

Manish Jaiswal, IIT Bombay, Visiting predoctoral researcher

Yanyan Zhang, NTU, Singapore: Collaborative projects, student exchange

Wang Xu,  NTU, Singapore: Collaborative projects, student exchange

Yxin Tang,  NTU, Singapore: Collaborative projects, student exchange

Dr. Yoshiki Ishikawa, Hitachi Ltd., Japan

Dr. M. Eswaramoorthy, JNCASR, India, IUSSTF award research collaborations

K.S. Narayan, JNCASR, India: IUSSTF award research collaborations

Aditya Sood, IIT Kanpur, Visiting predoctoral researcher

Priyanka Sharma, Institute of Microbial Technology, Visiting predoctoral researcher 

Dr. S. Sivaram, Director of National Chemical Laboratory, India: Global collaborations

Dr. Surendra Chawla, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Ohio: collaborative alliances

Dr. Crystal Porter ,L'Oreal, USA: Cosmetics application of nanotechnology

Prof. Eric Stach, Purdue University, IN: In-situ EM

Dr. Michael Radler, Dow Chemical Co.: Industrial internship

Dr. Seungbum Hong, Argonne Laboratories, IL: SPM

Dr. Bernd Kabius, Argonne Laboratories, IL: Aberration corrected EM

Dr. Shinichi Tachi, Hitachi High Technologies, CA: NU-Hitachi Hi-Tech Technologies collaborations

Dr. Robert Klie, University of Illinois at Chicago: Advanced EM

Dr. Tsapogas, NSF, Virginia: Global opportunities for students

Dr. S. Yousef, NSF, Virginia: Global opportunities for students

Dr. M. Radler, Dow Chemical Company: Global opportunities for students

Prof. D. Green, Penn State, PA: Ceramics nanotechnology

Dr. N. Price, Birmingham Science City, UK: Global collaborations in nanotechnology

Dr. K. West, Birmingham Science City, UK: Global collaborations in nanotechnology

Prof. M. Adams, University of Birmingham, UK: Global collaborations in nanotechnology

Dr. L. Nagahara, NCI, Maryland: Cancer and nanotechnology

Dr. JY Kempf, L'Oreal, France: Cosmetics application of nanotechnology

Dr. Jain, IIT, Gandhinagar: Global opportunities for students

Dr. Tachi, Hitachi, Japan: Global opportunities for students

Dr. A. Aneja, Reliance Industries, Ltd., India: Polymer nanotechnology

Prof. CNR Rao, Linus Pauling Research Professor and Honorary President of JNCASR

Prof. K. Ramamrithen, IIT, Bombay: Engineering nanotechnology

Prof. S. Mhaisalkar,  NTU, Singapore: Collaborative projects, student exchange

Prof. Freddy Boey,  NTU, Singapore: Collaborative projects, student exchange

Prof. Hannes Lichte, Tribenberg, Dresden, Germany: Electron holography

Prof. Yoshio Bando, NRIM, Japan: Nanostructures, electron microscopy

C. Raman Suri, IMTECH, India: Biomolecular receptors and assembly

Thomas Thundat, ORNL, TN: Biochem sensors and systems

Tan Lay Poh,  NTU, Singapore: Biomaterials

J. Giri, Caltech, CA: Magnetic therapeutics

D. Bahadur, IITB, India: Magnetic nanostructures

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