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Roberto dos Reis, PhD

Scientific Officer, Materials Science and EngineeringRoberto dos Reis
Northwestern University

AB Wing AG1, Tech Institute
2145 Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL 60208-3113

Tel: (847) 491-7794

Educational/Research Background

Current Scientific Officer, Materials Science and Engineering (Northwestern University, USA)

Materials Special Postdoc, NCEM/Molecular Foundry (LBNL, USA)


PhD Physics (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)
2010-2013 Visiting Scholar, Materials Science Division (LBNL, USA)
2007-2009 M.Sc. Physics (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)
2003-2007 B.Sc. Physics, (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)

Research Objectives and Interests

Development and application of advanced methods for materials characterization based on Transmission  Electron  Microscopy, such  as  quantitative convergent-beam electron diffraction  (CBED),  High-Resolution (S)TEM,  EDX  and  EELS, to  unravel structure-property relationship in energy and electronic materials. 

Application of new methods for electron diffraction, image simulation and analysis of multidimensional dataset using customized codes. 


References and Publications

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Selected Referred Journals

"Determination of the Structural  Phase  and  Octahedral  Rotation  Angle in Halide Perovskites at Sub-Ångstrom Scale", dos Reis, H.  Yang, C.  Ophus, P.  Ercius, G. Bizarri, D. Perrodin, T. Shalapska,  E. Bourret, J. Ciston and  U. Dahmen.

 Applied  Physics  Letters, 112,  071901 (2018)


"Room-Temperature-Synthesized High-Mobility Transparent Amorphous CdO–Ga2O3 Alloys with Widely Tunable Electronic Bands"

Liu, Chao Ping, Chun Yuen Ho, Roberto dos Reis, Yishu Foo, Peng Fei Guo, Juan Antonio Zapien, Wladek Walukiewicz, and Kin Man Yu.  ACS applied materials & interfaces 10, no. 8 (2018): 7239-7247 (2018)


"Stabilization of ferroelectric phase in tungsten capped Hf0. 8Zr0. 2O2", Golnaz Karbasian, Roberto dos Reis, Ajay K. Yadav, Ava J. Tan, Chenming Hu, and Sayeef Salahuddin. 

Applied Physics Letters, 111, 022907 (2017)


"Crystalline  Molybdenum  Oxide  Thin-Films  for  Application  as  Interfacial  Layers  in  Optoelectronic  Devices" Cauduro, A.L., dos  Reis,  R., Chen,  G., Schmid,  A.K., Méthivier,  C., Rubahn, H.G., Bossard-Giannesini,L., Cruguel, H., Witkowski,  N.  and  Madsen, M.

ACS  Applied  Materials  &  Interfaces,9(8),  pp.7717-7724 (2017).


"Formation  of  nanoscale  composites  of  compound  semiconductors  driven  by  charge  transfer" Gao,  W.,  dos  Reis,  R.,  Schelhas,  L.T.,  Pool,  V.L.,  Toney,  M.F.,  Yu,  K.M.  and  Walukiewicz,  W.

Nano  Letters,16(8),  pp.5247-5254 (2016).


"Blue–green  luminescent  carbon  nanodots  produced  in  a  silica  matrix" Brito,  J.B.,  Costa,  T.M.H.,  Rodembusch,F.S.,  Konowalow,  A.S.,  dos  Reis,  R.M.S.,  Balzaretti,  N.M.  and  da  Jornada,  J.A.H.

Carbon,91,  pp.234-240 (2015).


"Electronic  band  structure  of ZnO-rich  highly mismatched  ZnO1-xTex alloys" Ting,  M.,  dos  Reis,  R.,  Jaquez,  M.,  Dubon,  O.D.,  Mao,  S.S.,  Yu,  K.M.  and  Walukiewicz,  W.

Applied  Physics  Letters,106(9),  p.092101 (2015).


"Structural defects in bulk GaN." Liliental-Weber, R. Dos Reis, M. Mancuso, C. Y. Song, I. Grzegory, S. Porowski, and M. Bockowski.  

Journal of Crystal Growth 403: 66-71 (2014).


"Direct atomic imaging of antiphase boundaries and orthotwins in orientation-patterned GaAs" dos  Reis,  R.,  Ophus,  C.,  Jimenez,  J.,  Snure,  M.,  Gérard,  B.  and  Liliental-Weber,  Z.

Applied  Physics  Letters,102(8),  p.081905 (2013).


"Structural studies of GaN1‐x Asx and GaN1‐x Bix alloys for solar cell applications." Liliental‐Weber, Z., R. dos Reis, A. X. Levander, K. M. Yu, W. Walukiewicz, S. V. Novikov, and C. T. Foxon. 

Physica status solidi c 9, (7): 1586-1589 (2012).


"Doping of GaN1− xAsx with high As content." Levander, A. X., S. V. Novikov, Z. Liliental-Weber, R. Dos Reis, O. D. Dubon, J. Wu, C. T. Foxon, K. M. Yu, and W. Walukiewicz. 

Journal of Applied Physics 110,(9): 093702 (2011).


"Carbon  redistribution  in  nanometric  Si1-xCx layers  upon  ion  beam  synthesis  of  SiC  by  C  implantation  into  SIMOX (1 1 1). dos  Reis,  R.M.S.,  Maltez,  R.L.  and  Boudinov,  H.  

Journal  of  Physics D:  Applied  Physics, 43(39),  p.395401 (2010).


Selected Conference articles (proceedings, transaction or abstract)

"Three-Dimensional Polarization by Means of Scanning HOLZ-CBED Technique" dos Reis, R., Hsu, S.L., Ophus, C., Ramesh, R. and Ciston, J.

Microscopy and Microanalysis, 24(S1), pp.178-179 (2018).


"Unraveling the Crystal Structure of All-Inorganic Halide Perovskites using CBED and Electron Ptychography" dos Reis, R., Yang, H., Ophus, C., Shalapska, T., Bizarri, G., Perrodin, D., Ercius, P., Ciston, J., Bourret, E. and Dahmen, U.

Microscopy and Microanalysis, 23(S1), pp.1468-1469 (2017).


"Towards  Identification  of  Oxygen  Point  Defects  by  Means  of  Position  Averaged  CBED" dos  Reis,  R.,  Ophus,  C.,  Ciston,  J.,  Ercius,  P.  and  Dahmen,  U.

Microscopy  and  Microanalysis, 21(S3),  pp.1097-1098 (2015).

Selected Conference (Meeting) presentations and invited talks/seminars

68th Annual  Meeting  of  the  American  Crystallographic  Association  2018 

"Probing  Properties  and  Structure  of  Complex  Oxides  Superlattices  using  Scanning  Electron Nanodiffraction"


2018 Microscopy and Microanalysis Meeting

"Three-Dimensional Polarization by Means of Scanning HOLZ-CBED Technique"


67th Annual Meeting  of  the  American  Crystallographic  Association  2017, 

"Symmetry  Group  Determination  and  Direct  Imaging  of  All-Inorganic  Halide  Perovskites  CsPb(Br1-xClx)3"


2017 Microscopy and  Microanalysis Meeting

"Unraveling the Crystal Structure of All-Inorganic Halide Perovskites using CBED and Electron Ptychography"


2016 Microscopy and  Microanalysis Meeting

"Revealing Point  Defects  in  a  Large-Scale  Scanning  Diffraction  Dataset" 


2016 Molecular Foundry  Annual  User  Meeting,  Lawrence  Berkeley  National  Laboratory

“Probing  Properties  of  Matter  at  the  Nanoscale  by  Scanning  Electron  Diffraction”


2016 Seminar at National Center  for  Electron  Microscopy/ Lawrence  Berkeley  National  Laboratory 

“Unraveling Materials  Properties  by  Using  Reciprocal  Space  Information”


2015 Microscopy and Microanalysis Meeting

"Towards  Identification  of  Oxygen  Point  Defects  by  Means  of  Position  Averaged  CBED"


MRS Spring  Meeting  2015

"Tailoring  the  optical  characteristic  of  ZnO  nanowires  by  using  different  substrates"


MRS Spring  Meeting  2013,  San  Francisco,  CA  –USA

“Transmission Electron Microscopy  Studies  of  the  orientation  patterned  GaAs” 

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