VPD Group

Good Luck Heguang!

Visiting scholar Heguang's stay at NU comes to an end

VPD Group Adds 3 New Graduate Students

We are pleased to add Kelly Parker, Will Kellogg, and Songting Cai

Dr. Larry Drummy gives talk at NU

As part of the Frontiers in Nanotechnology Seminar Series, Dr. Drummy presented on “Tomographic and In-situ characterization of soft matter”

VPD Group Picnic on October 7th

Come for food, games, and music!

We believe in strong and seamless integration of: Teaching, Research and Societal Outreach. All of these are intimately connected and essential. In both, teaching and research, our emphasis is on the higher levels of learning: Creativity, Synthesis and Analysis, incorporating:

  • Multidisciplinary approach to materials education
  • "Big picture" approach to research undertaking
  • Synergy, collaboration and cooperation within groups, across the seas and beyond the traditional borders
  • Attaining excellence in education via integrating research and teaching