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Reiner Bleher, PhD

Reiner BleherResearch Associate Professor
Materials Science & Engineering

Northwestern University
Hogan Hall, Rm 5-156
Evanston IL, 60208-3113

Tel: (847) 467-3540
Fax: (847) 467-6573


Educational Background

2022 - present
Research Associate Professor at NUANCE/EPIC, Northwestern University, USA

2010 - 2022
Research Assistant Professor at NUANCE/EPIC, Northwestern University, USA

2006 - 2010
Scientist at the International Center of Biotechnology of Minitube of America, USA. Focusing on the development of a method for identifying and labeling specific DNA sequences in biopsies, in embryos and in sperm cells with PNA-, LNA-, and TFO probe molecules.

2003 - 2006
Research Associate at UW Madison, USA. Development of a multiple labeling system using metal colloids and EFTEM for immuno-EM and for correlative microscopy.

2000 - 2003
Postdoc at the Central Facility of Electron Microscopy, Ulm University, Germany and at the University of Porto, Portugal. Research focusing onBiomineralization, and on protein synthesis in squid giant axons with TEM, EFTEM, and HRSEM.

1998 - 2000
Postdoc at the University of Ulm, Germany.Research on a Ca-channel protein with immuno-EM and immunofluorescence on human skeletal muscle and mouse retina, liver and kidney tissue.

1993 - 1998
Ph.D. thesis research at the Central Facility of Electron Microscopy, Ulm University, Germany. Title: “Immunocytochemical localization of phosphorylated and unphosphorylated histone-H1 in different cell-cycle phases of HeLa-cells”.

Research Objectives and Approach

References and Publications


Recent Posters:




  • Microscopy & Microanalysis
  • Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods
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