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Group Members


Graduate Students

Songting Cai - Microscopy and optimization of thermoelectric materials

Fernando C. Castro - Nanoscale Structure Effects on Conversion Reaction Li-Ion Electrodes

Woo Hyun Chae - Layered materials and transition metal dichalcogenides

Tzu-Hung Chen - Theranostic applications of magnetic nanoconstructs against lymphoma

Jennifer DiStefano - Characterization and property enhancement of 2D semiconductors

Jingshan Du - Nanoscale phase transformation and correlated electron microscopy

Aaron Einhorn - Incorporation of magnetic nanostructures into hydrogel scaffoldings

Jann Grovogui - Microscopy of mesoscale thermoelectric materials

Eve Hanson - Chemical functionalization of 2-D chalcogenide and oxide structures

Karl Hujsak - Developmental scan probe microscopy of dynamic nanomaterials

Will Kellogg - Advanced microscopy and computational methods

Yue Li - High-throughput, automated 3-D tomography reconstruction strategies

Akshay Murthy - Characterization of 2-D layered structures

Kelly Parker - 3-D printing of biological scaffolds

Cesar Villa - In-situ microscopy of energy materials

Xiaomi Zhang - Characterization of energy materials

Ruiying Zhou - Synthesis, characterization, and functionalization of magnetic nanostructures

Postdoctoral Fellows and Senior Research Associates

Neena Gilda, PhD - Flexible electronics for health

Hee Joon Jung, PhD - QD, QW, NW and thin 2D films for energy applications

Sungkyu Kim, PhD - In-situ S/TEM of 2D, oxides, and energy materials

Yuan Li, PhD - Synthesis and performance improvement of nanostructured functional 2D materials

Chiara Musumeci, PhD - Advanced Scanning Probe Microscopy

Vikas Nandwana, PhD - Synthesis and functionalization of "theranostic" magnetic nanostructures for biomedical applications.

Soo-Ryoon Ryoo, PhD - Synthesis, functionalization, and biomedical application of "theranostic" magnetic/2-D nanomaterials

Abhalaxmi Singh, PhD - Biomedical Applications of “Theranostic” Nanomaterials

Affiliated Scientists and Staff

Reiner Bleher, PhD - SEM, TEM, STEM, Cryo-EM, and Microanalysis of biological samples

Xinqi Chen, PhD - Nanomaterials synthesis & characterization, Experimental nanomechanics, Surface characterization

Kai He, PhD - TEM Manager, EPIC Facility, NUANCE; Analytical S/TEM, aberration corrected S/TEM

Benjamin D. Myers - NUANCE Director of Operations; Novel electron beam techniques, lithography & fabrication

Eric W. Roth - Research Technologist II, Electron Microscopy Specialist

Gajendra Shekhawat, PhD - Manager, SPID Facility, NUANCE; Advanced SPM, biochemical sensors & systems

Jinsong Wu, PhD - Electron Microscopist, EPIC Facility, NUANCE Center: HREM, cryo–EM, e– diffraction

Undergraduate Research Interns

Tony (Wenyuan) Huang - Inkjet printing of 2D materials

Kevin Qiu - Determining the contact angle of liquid on CVD graphene films

Anna White - 2D materials for various applications

Yang Xia - Synthesis and functionalization of "theranostic" magnetic nanostructures

Marisa You - Synthesis and properties of "theranostic" magnetic nanostructures and their biomedical applications

Tiffany Zheng - Synthesis and properties of "theranostic" magnetic nanostructures and their biomedical applications

Former Visiting Scientists/Scholars

Prof. M. Adams, University of Birmingham, UK: Global collaborations in nanotechnology

Dr. A. Aneja, Reliance Industries, Ltd., India: Polymer nanotechnology

Prof. Mohammed Aslam, IIT Bombay

D. Bahadur, IITB, India: Magnetic nanostructures

Prof. Yoshio Bando, NRIM, Japan: Nanostructures, electron microscopy

Prof. Freddy Boey NTU, Singapore: Collaborative projects, student exchange

Dr. Surendra Chawla, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Ohio: collaborative alliances

Dr. M. Eswaramoorthy, JNCASR, India, IUSSTF award research collaborations

J. Giri, Caltech, CA: Magnetic therapeutics

Prof. D. Green, Penn State, PA: Ceramics nanotechnology

Dr. Seungbum Hong, Argonne Laboratories, IL: SPM

Dr. Yoshiki Ishikawa, Hitachi Ltd., Japan

Dr. Jain, IIT, Gandhinagar: Global opportunities for students

Manish Jaiswal, IIT Bombay, Visiting predoctoral researcher

Dr. Bernd Kabius, Argonne Laboratories, IL: Aberration corrected EM

Dr. JY Kempf, L'Oreal, France: Cosmetics application of nanotechnology

Dr. Robert Klie, University of Illinois at Chicago: Advanced EM

Prof. Hannes Lichte, Tribenberg, Dresden, Germany: Electron holography

Prof. S. Mhaisalkar NTU, Singapore: Collaborative projects, student exchange

Dr. L. Nagahara, NCI, Maryland: Cancer and nanotechnology

K.S. Narayan, JNCASR, India: IUSSTF award research collaborations

Dr. Tsunenori Nomaguchi, Hitachi High Technologies America

Tan Lay Poh NTU, Singapore: Biomaterials

Dr. Crystal Porter ,L'Oreal, USA: Cosmetics application of nanotechnology

Dr. N. Price, Birmingham Science City, UK: Global collaborations in nanotechnology

Dr. Michael Radler, Dow Chemical Co.: Industrial internship

Dr. M. Radler, Dow Chemical Company: Global opportunities for students

Prof. K. Ramamrithen, IIT, Bombay: Engineering nanotechnology

Prof. CNR Rao, Linus Pauling Research Professor and Honorary President of JNCASR

Priyanka Sharma, Institute of Microbial Technology, Visiting predoctoral researcher 

Dr. S. Sivaram, Director of National Chemical Laboratory, India: Global collaborations

Aditya Sood, IIT Kanpur, Visiting predoctoral researcher

Prof. Eric Stach, Purdue University, IN: In-situ EM

C. Raman Suri, IMTECH, India: Biomolecular receptors and assembly

Dr. Shinichi Tachi, Hitachi High Technologies, CA: NU-Hitachi Hi-Tech Technologies collaborations

Dr. Tachi, Hitachi, Japan: Global opportunities for students

Yxin Tang NTU, Singapore: Collaborative projects, student exchange

Thomas Thundat, ORNL, TN: Biochem sensors and systems

Dr. Tsapogas, NSF, Virginia: Global opportunities for students

Dr. K. West, Birmingham Science City, UK: Global collaborations in nanotechnology

Junming Xu, Hangzhou Dianzi University

Wang Xu NTU, Singapore: Collaborative projects, student exchange

Chaoyi Yan, NTU, Singapore: Collaborative projects, staff exchange

Dr. S. Yousef, NSF, Virginia: Global opportunities for students

Yanyan Zhang, NTU, Singapore: Collaborative projects, student exchange

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