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Chamille Lescott defends dissertation

Chamille Lescott defended her thesis, Synthesis & Characterization of Self-assembled Polymer Nanocomposites, on June 13, 2022. Chamille is co-advised by Evan A. Scott in BME, whose research focuses on synthesizing drug delivery devices for immunomodulation.

Here is a summary of her dissertation: Soft self-assembling polymer nanomaterials are promising drug delivery devices. Electron microscopy is a necessary tool for characterizing these structures; however, these soft materials are susceptible to damage by the electron beam. In the first section of this thesis, Chamille studies the electron-induced damage of the Scott lab polymer structures using spectroscopic techniques (EELS, Raman, FTIR). In the second half, she interfaces these polymer structures with magnetic nanoparticles to add new functionality to the drug delivery devices for biomedical applications. Her work focuses on expanding our understanding of these drug delivery devices so they can be widely used for clinical applications. 

In July, Chamille will start as an Assistant Professor of Instruction and First-Year Advisor in the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University. 

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