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VPD Graduate Students Hooded

VPD Group graduate students, Bin Liu, Yi-Kai Huang and Shih-Han Lo were recognized for the successful completion of their PhD's at the McCormick PhD Hooding Ceremony on Friday, June 20. Professor Dravid supervised their doctoral studies and had the honor of hooding them.

Shih-Han and Yi-Kai successfully defended their thesis in May 2014.  They have both accepted positions as process engineers with Intel Corp. Bin completed in October 2012 and also works for Intel Corp. Congratulations to all! 


After the hooding ceremony and ready for a bright future! Left to right, Bin, Yi-Kai, Prof. Dravid and Shih-Han.

lo  Huang  Liu

Shih-Han Lo, Yi-Kai Huang and Bin Liu hooded by Professor Dravid.


Yi-Kai and Shihhan are ready for the celebration!  Left to right: Eve Hanson, Jeff Cain, Yi-Kai’s fiancé ,Yi-Kai Huang, Fernando Castro, Shihhan Lo and her parents. Eve, Jeff and Fernando are VPD Group graduate students.

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