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VPD Graduate Students Hooded

VPD Group graduate students, Aiming Yan and Stan Chou, were recognized for the successful completion of their PhD's at the Ryan Family Auditorium in the Technological Institute on Friday, June 21. 

Professor Dravid supervised their doctoral studies and thus participated in the hooding, which symbolizes their entrance into the professional ranks of academia.   Both Stan and Aiming plan to continue their research in fields related to their graduate studies. 

Aiming, Stan and Vinayak
Stan, Aiming and Professor Dravid after the hooding ceremony.

Stan and Vinayak during ceremony
Stan and Professor Dravid during the hooding ceremony.

Aiming with Shi-Han and Yi-Kai
Aiming standing in Cook Hall with current graduate students Shi-Han Lo and Yi-Kai Huang.

Aiming and Stan with his daughter

Aiming posing with Stan and his daughter after the hooding ceremony.

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