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Shih-Han Lo

shi-han lo

Materials Science and Engineering
Northwestern University
Room: 1141, Cook Hall
2220 Campus Drive
Evanston IL, 60208-3108
Phone:(847) 491-7798 (L)
Facsimile:(847) 467-6573

Educational Background

2008-2014 Northwestern University, Ph.D, Materials Science and Engineering
2004-2008 National Tsing-Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan B.S., Materials Science and Engineering

Research Objectives and Approach

Thermoelectric is a rejuvenated field of research due to increasing demands of clean and renewable energy. Many researchers devote themselves to develop new materials to have higher efficiency of heat-electric transformation and one important parameter to have higher figure of merit (ZT) is lattice thermal conductivity. Understanding the nanostructuring effect on lattice thermal conductivity is the focus of my research. Characterization of the nanostructures is the first and and most important step of the study. To be more specific, by utilizing S/TEM, understating the phonon scattering affected by nanostructures such as nanoprecipitates, dislocation, strain, boundaries and so on is the key point we want to address. To do all these analyses, high quality HRTEM images are required to characterize the structure and boundaries. For example, strain analysis using geometric phase analysis (GPA) technique highly depends on the quality of HRTEM image.

Honors and Awards



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