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Jipeng Cheng, Visiting Scholar

JipengVisiting scholar in Materials Science and Engineering
Northwestern University
Room: B562, Silverman Hall
Chemistry of Life Processes Institute,
2170 Campus Drive
Evanston IL, 60208-3113
Phone: 847-491-5809 

Education and Work Experience

2015.12-Present   Visiting scholar at NUANCE Center, Northwestern University.

2007-Present     Associate Professor at School of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China.

2005-2007       Postdoc in Materials Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China.

2000-2005       Ph.D in Materials Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China.

1996-2000       B.E. in Mineral Processing Engineering, Northeastern University, Shenyang, China.

Research Objectives

Fabrication and characterization of nanocomposites for energy storage including supercapacitor and Li battery.

Selected Publications

KeYuan Ma, J.P. Cheng, Jing Zhang, Min Li, Fu Liu, XiaoBin Zhang, Dependence of Co/Fe Ratio in Co-Fe Layered Double Hydroxides on the Structure and Capacitive properties. Electrochimica acta, 2016, 198, 231-240.

M. Li, J.P. Cheng, J. Wang, F. Liu, X.B. Zhang. The growth of nickel-manganese and cobalt-manganese layered double hydroxides on reduced graphene oxide for supercapacitor, Electrochimica acta, 206, 108-115.

J. Zhang, F. Liu, J.P. Cheng, X.B. Zhang. Binary nickel-cobalt oxides electrode materials of high-performance supercapacitors: Influence of its composition and porous nature. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2015, 7(32): 17630-17640.

J.P. Cheng, Anas Shereef, Kimberly A. Gray, J. S. Wu. Development of hierarchically porous cobalt oxide for enhanced photo-oxidation of indoor pollutants. Journal of Nanoparticles Research, 2015, 17: 141-9.

J.P. Cheng, J.H. Fang, M. Li, W.F. Zhang, F. Liu, X.B. Zhang. Enhanced Electrochemical performance of CoAl-layered double hydroxide nanosheet arrays coated by platinum films. Electrochimica Acta, 2013, 114: 68-75.

J.P. Cheng, Q.L. Shou, J.S. Wu, V.P. Dravid, X.B. Zhang. Influence of component content on the capacitance of magnetite/reduced graphene oxide composite. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2013, 698: 1-8.

J.P. Cheng, X. Chen, J.S. Wu, F. Liu, X.B. Zhang, V.P. Dravid. Porous cobalt oxides with tunable hierarchical morphology for supercapacitor electrodes. CrystEngComm, 2012, 14(20): 6702-6709.

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