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VPD group hosts 3 REU students

This past summer, the VPD group hosted three undergraduate students over the summer as part of the MRSEC and NNIN REU programs. As part of the NNIN program, John Higham (University of Notre Dame) was advised by Dr. Vikas Nandwana and studied Magnetic Nanocapsules, while Michael D'Agati (Stony Brook) was advised by Dr. Yuan Li and studied Black Phosphorus nanoribbons. As part of the MRSEC program, Robynne Paldi (University of California-Merced) was advised by Jeff Cain, Eve Hanson, Akshay Murthy, and Jen DiStefano and studied the Synthesis of Hexagonal Boron Nitride. These programs gave students the opportunity to attack a research problem, while working alongside graduate and post-doctoral researchers in a university environment. As part of the program, the students were able to present their results at the conclusion of the program. Great work everyone!

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