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Strong VPD Group Showing at 2016 Microscopy and Microanalysis Conference

Several members of the VPD group and NUANCE, including Professor Dravid himself, shared their research through several poster and oral presentations at this year’s Microscopy and Microanalysis conference in Colombus, Ohio! Dr. Jinsong Wu was also honored with the annual M&M Professional Staff Award for his research done in the past years on Co3O4-based battery anode nanomaterials. Congratulations to him and everyone who gave successful presentations!

Presentation List:

Fernando Castro – “Dynamics of Electrochemical Conversion of Nanoscale Metal-Metal Oxide Multilayer Architecture” (oral)

Kai He – “Direct Visualization of Lithium Intercalation in Spinel Iron Oxide by In Situ Bright-Field Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy” (oral), "Multidimensional Materials Information Retrieval by In Situ Electron Holography" (invited talk); Also co-organized and chaired the "In Situ Electron Microscopy and Big Data Analytics" symposium.

Karl Hujsak – “Self-Organizing Neural Networks: Parallels Between ‘Big Imaging’ and Spare Imaging in Electron Microscopy” (oral), “Reducing Electron Dose and Sample Damage with Bayesian Machine Learning and Self-Organizing Neural Networks” (poster)

Yue Li – “Reconstruction of the Nanoscale Three-Dimensional Mass-Density Autocorrelation Function of Individual Cells” (oral), “ The Effects of Chemical Fixation on The Cellular Nanostructure: A Quantitative Study of Correlative PWS and TEM” (poster)

Ben Myers – “Temperature Controlled Fluidic Cell Scanning Electron Microscopy” (oral)

Jinsong Wu – “Atomic-resolution in-situ TEM Studies of Lithium Electrochemistry in Co3O4-Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposite” (oral), “Kinetics of Sodium and Selenium Reaction for Sodium Ion Batteries” (poster)

Xiaomi Zhang – “Design of High Performance Thermoelectrics: From Electronic to Microstructure” (poster)

Vinayak Dravid – “Correlative and Multiplexed Microscopy for 2D Chalcogenide Semiconductors (invited talk)

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