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Scientists develop "Ultimate Discovery Tool"

Northwestern scientists, including VPD group member Qing-Yuan Lin, have developed a tool that allows for rapid screening of millions of nanoparticles all at once. This tool will provide insight into determining the composition and size of the nanoparticle which will perform best for a given application in a variety of areas including catalysis, biodiagnostics, pharmaceuticals and electronic devices. This work will be available in Science magazine.

Read the article as well as the press releases detailing the innovation (including remarks from Profs. Chad Mirkin and Vinayak Dravid) here:

The research was supported by GlaxoSmithKline, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (award FA9550-12-1-0141) and the Asian Office of Aerospace R&D (award FA2386-13-1-4124).

A combinatorial library of polyelemental nanoparticles was developed using Dip-Pen Nanolithography. This novel nanoparticle library opens up a new field of nanocombinatorics for rapid screening of nanomaterials for a multitude of properties.
Credit: Peng-Cheng Chen/James Hedrick

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