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Fernando gives talk as part of Graduate Student Speaker Series

Fernando, along with 5 other graduate students, gave a talk at Vernon Hills High School on February 9th as part of the “Graduate Student Speaker Series” (GS3) organized by CIERA at Northwestern University. Over 70 students, teachers, and school administrators attended what was the largest GS3 event to date, so that they could learn more about the latest in science research and contribute to discussions aimed at bringing hands-on inquiry lessons directly connected to the research into the high school curricula. Fernando’s talk, entitled “A Close Look at Current and Future Lithium Ion Batteries” explored how today’s lithium ion batteries function and how materials scientists approach the challenge of creating better battery materials for future applications. Fernando’s presentation went very well, and both he and the teachers (judging by their feedback) were happy to have been part of the event.

Fernando speaking

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