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PhD Open Positions: Fall 2014

VPD Group PhD Open Position Themes: Fall 2014

1. Multifunctional Oxides: Nanopatterning & Advanced Microscopy

2. Unconventional Atomically-Layered 2-D Structures and Architecture

  • Radial and vertical Heterostructures; 2-D + nano composites/assembly
  • Magneto-Photo-Transport, correlated phenomena and gas-solid interactions
  • Colloidal- and Self-Assembly of 2-D sheets
  • Ex-situ & in-situ microscopy and analysis

3. Microscopy of Energy Materials: Batteries & Thermoelectrics

  • Hierarchical microstructure tailoring
  • Novel chalcogenides and multicomponent, dual nanostructuring
  • Thermal and charge carrier transport
  • In-situ defect and interfacial phenomena; and “structure-property” correlation

4. “Soft Microscopy”: SPM and Microscopy of Nano-Bio-Hybrids

  • Cellular and molecular nano-bio-mechanics; diagnostics/therapy via nanomechanics
  • Advanced scanned probe and electron microscopy
  • Magnetic Nanostructures (MNS) as theranostic agents:
  • Alzheimer’s and CNS cancers
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