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Immediate Postdoc Positions Available!

Open Positions

Postdoctoral Fellows; Northwestern University


Position 1: Chemical/Solution Synthesis of Nanostructures

Position 2: Biomedical Applications of Nanostructures

At least two postdoctoral positions are available related to synthesis of nanostructures and their applications to biomedicine. One position is focused on chemical/solution synthesis of nanostructures while the second position aims to explore biomedical applications of nanostructures.  

For Position 1, we are looking for candidates with extensive experience in chemical and solution synthesis and characterization of metal/alloy and oxide nanoparticles, 2-D structures, soft-hard hybrid and core-shell functional nanostructures. Experience related to magnetic nanostructures and MR imaging is highly desirable.

For Position 2, we are looking for candidates with extensive expertise in cell and tissue handling, nanostructure-cell interactions, surface functionalization, fluorescence and label tagging and associated biological methods. Our focus is to explore role of nanostructures in diagnostics/imaging and therapy for cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Experience related animal studies and MR imaging is highly desirable.

Both candidates will work in an interactive and collaborative ambiance under interdisciplinary Centers and Institutes at Northwestern University. There are plenty opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The duration of the postdoctoral positions is at least 2 years, with additional extension subject to satisfactory performance. Postdoctoral fellowship stipend will range from $38,000 - $50,000, depending on experience and related considerations. A PhD in physical or biological sciences and/or engineering is required. Strong verbal and written communication skills, including a track record of publications in peer-reviewed journals are necessary.

Interested candidates should forward detailed curriculum vitae, a cover letter, and a list of three references to:

Professor Vinayak P. Dravid,

Department of Materials Science & Engineering,

International Institute of Nanotechnology

Northwestern University,

Evanston, IL 60208, USA


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