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VPD Group - NUANCE 2013 Picnic

VPD Group and NUANCE staff hosted their annual picnic in the courtyard between Ryan Hall and Silverman Hall on Friday, October 11th. Staff, current & prospective students and their families celebrated with gourmet fare prepared by Eric Roth and Yi-Kai Huang. The festivities closed with a rousing performance by local classic rock band Wavelength.

VPD YiKai Conner
VPD Group member Yi-Kai Huang prepares the food with Shaleen Vasavada.

VPD Conner Yi-Kai
Mary Pat Doyle and undergraduate researcher, Conner Dykstra, provide support for Yi-Kai.

VPD Ryan Hall 2VPD Ryan Hall 2
Students and staff mingle in the courtyard between Ryan Hall and Silverman Hall.

VPD cake
A nice treat goes well with the convivial atmosphere.

VPD Myers
Professor Dravid serves essential brain food to a future scientist.

VPD studentsStudents share in conversation with Professor Dravid.

VPD Group Program Coordinator, Mary Pat, with Professor Dravid.

VPD Roth family
Mary Pat with Eric Roth and his family.

VPD wavelength
Wavelength performs classic selections from the sixties and seventies.

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