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Northwestern Faculty Speak at AFOSR in Washington, D.C.

Professors Vinayak Dravid and Chad Mirkin attended the 2012 Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) Natural Materials, Systems & Extremophiles Program Review held at the National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, DC on January 7-11, 2013.

Professors Mirkin and Dravid delivered talks on research currently being funded through AFOSR.  Professor Dravid spoke about progress made on the grant entitled Combinatorial Screening of Emergent Nanophotonic Behavior through Biomolecule-Encoded Superlattice Formation,  while Professor Mirkin spoke about two grants: Bioprogrammable One-, Two-, and Three-Dimensional Materials (FA9550-11-1-0275, 2011-2014and Nanostructured Interfaces and Patterning Tools for Probing Bioinspired Materials and Systems.

Click here for the full agenda. 

Professors Dravid and Mirkin at JNCASR conference near Bangalore in 2012.

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