Hitachi HD-2700 STEM imaging at Harvard

VPD members traveled to Harvard to use the Hitachi HD-2700 STEM

VPD member reveived Honorable Mention for the NSF fellowship

Eve Hanson received an Honorable Mention for the NSF fellowship

New Opening for Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Opening for Distinguished Post-Doctoral Research Associate in “Scanning Probe Microscopy”

Fernando started his new year in HRTEM winter school in Arizona

VPD graduate student attend Winter School on High Resolution Electron Microscopy

We believe in strong and seamless integration of all: Teaching, Research and Societal Outreach. All of these are, should be, intimately connected and essential. In both, teaching and research, our emphasis is on higher levels of learning: Creativity, Synthesis and Analysis, incorporating:

  • Multidisciplinary approach to materials education,
  • "Big picture" approach to research undertaking,
  • Synergy, collaboration and cooperation within groups, across the seas and beyond the traditional boarders,
  • Attaining excellence in education via integrating research and teaching.
VPD Group - Department of Materials Science and Engineering
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