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Novel and Emerging Microscopy: Tools, Techniques & Analysis

(Supported by NSF-MRI, AFOSR, W.M. Keck Foundation, Intel, SRC, Hitachi, ANL, State of Illinois)

Research 6Microscopy has come a long way since the time of Leeuwenhoek and Hooke, who developed the early optical microscopy. With the increasing complexity of materials systems, it is essential to continue to develop microscopy techniques and analysis in the broadest sense. This includes not only real-space imaging, spectroscopy and reciprocal-space diffraction, but also localized measurements of their evolution, properties and phenomena.

We are particularly active in this area by implementing and developing a broad suite of characterization techniques based on electron, photon (light and synchrotron), ion and scanning probe techniques.

We make extensive use of the NUANCE center capabilities and develop innovative techniques for exploring the “inner” space.

We are also active in developing in-situ and ex-situ characterization techniques based on electron microscopy, diffraction, spectroscopy, as well as scanning probe and synchrotron x-ray scattering.  

Representative Publications:

  1. Karl A. Hujsak, Benjamin D. Myer, Jann Grovogui, Dravid, Vinayak P.Dravid, Stage-Rocked Electron Channeling for Crystal Orientation Mapping.  Scientific reports, 8 (1), 5175 (2018). DOI: 10.1038/s41598-018-23413-3.
  2. Karl A. Hujsak, Eric W. Roth, William Kellog, Yue Li, Vinayak P. Dravid,High Speed/Low Dose Analytical Electron Microscopy with Dynamic Sampling.  Micron, 108, 31-40 (2018). DOI: 10.1016/j.micron.2018.03.001. 
  3. Gajendra S. Shekhawat, Srinivasan Ramachandran, Hossein Jiryaei Sharahi, Souravi Sarkar, Karl A. Hujsak, Yuan Li, Karl Hagglund, Seonghwan Kim, Gary Aden, Ami Chand and Vinayak P. Dravid, Micromachined Chip Scale Thermal Sensors for Thermal Imaging.  ACS Nano 2018, 12, 1760-1767 (2018). DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.7b08504.
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