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Novel and Emerging Microscopy and Analysis

(Supported by NSF-MRI, AFOSR, W.M. Keck Foundation, Intel, SRC, Hitachi, ANL, State of Illinois)

Our group specializes in characterizing functional materials at multiple length scales down to the nano/atomic scale. Often these materials fall into an especially challenging category of soft or hard/soft materials, which impose limitations on available characterization methods. In order to properly understand these and other challenging materials, our group works on developing and extending novel S/TEM approaches.

Our work spans a number of areas including correlative and multimodal studies, 3D reconstructions, STEM-in-SEM, adaptive sampling, smart analysis of hyperspectral signals, advanced reconstruction of 4D-STEM scanning diffraction data, in-situ and operando measurements.

This research is made possible through both hardware and software advances. For example, the installation of direct electron detectors on the microscopes at NUANCE have allowed for ultrafast state-of-the-art collection of data, which is especially useful for time-resolved studies and beam-sensitive materials. Additionally, we are integrating advanced data acquisition techniques into our workflow, making use of new methods including artificial intelligence and machine learning. For this work, we collaborate with other research groups across Northwestern, at national labs and other universities, and in industry.


Representative Publications:

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