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Integrated Nanosystems for Bio-Chem Sensing & Diagnostics

(Supported by NSF-ECS, NSF-INT, DARPA, Baxter, SRC, CMRC, NMH)research4

We are developing a multi-modal (sensor fusion) framework, anchored by the microcantilever sensor platform. Our focus is on integration of the microcantilever sensor system with sampling and concentrators on the back-end and networking and signal integration on the front end. The former will focus on fluidic sampling covering “non-invasive” substrates such as saliva, sweat and breath; with a potential for a small and portable sensing and diagnostics system. Further, the innate device multiplication in microfabrication allows to us build-in redundancy for each sensor element, thereby increasing selectivity and specificity by requiring redundant/duplicate sensor elements to behave within a narrow range of each other.  

The integrated cantilever system is built with an integrated sensor network, which incorporates engineering innovation of system-level integration, with modules for sampling and concentrators, all-electronic readout and RF network unit. The integrated and collective developments will provide for potentially “turn-key” equipment that would serve as an integrated platform and will have three major functional sub-systems: (a) The sampling and concentrators – for fluidic flow (sweat, blood, solution and breath/air/gas), (b) MOSFET (Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor)-based sensor and readout module – where signal transduction and detection is performed; and (c) RF (radio frequency) platform –for signal integration, amplification and networking. 

Representative Publications:

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