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M. Arslan Shehzad, PhD

Muhammad Arslan Shehzad, PhDPostdoctoral researcher
Northwestern University

AB Wing, AG 190, Tech Institute
2145 Sheridan Rd
Evanston, IL, 60208
Phone: 847-467-6499

Educational/Research Background

Current Postdoctoral Fellow, Prof. Vinayak P. Dravid Lab, Northwestern University
2018-2020 Postdoctoral Fellow, Georgia Institute of Technology
2014-2018 Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Nanotechnology, Sejong University
2014-2018 M.S. & PhD (Joint), Nanotechnology and Advance Material Engineering, Sejon Univeristy, Seoul, South Korea
2013-2014 Research Associate, Center for Micro and Nano Devices, COMSTATS University
2008-2012 B.S. Electronics, COMSTATS Univeristy, Islamabad, Pakistan

Research Objectives and Approach

Arslan is an expert in semiconductor device fabrication, synthesis of low dimension materials and their applications in electronics and Optoelectronics. He does research in Material Chemistry and nanotechnology. His current area of interest are 2D and 1D materials.

Publications and Supported Works

  1. A facile route to enhance the mobility of MoTe2 field effect transistor via chemical doping, Muhammad Waqas Iqbal, Ehsan Elahi, Aliya Amin, Sikandar Aftab, Imran Aslam, Ghulam Hussain, Muhammad Arslan Shehzad, Superlattices and Microstructures, vol 147, November 2020
  2. A Special Issue on 2D and 1D Materials: Trends in Low Dimensions for Nanoelectronics and Energy Applications Guest Editor: Muhammad Arslan Shehzad J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 14, 1353–1357 (2019)
  3. Novel Synthesis and Applications of Metal, Metal Oxides (MOs), and Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (TMDs) for Energy, Sensing, and Memory Applications
    Guest Editors: Pradeep Bhasnit, Muhammad Arslan Shehzad and Xi-Bo Li
  4. Nematic liquid crystal on a two dimensional hexagonal lattice and its application, MA Shehzad, DH Tien, MW Iqbal, J Eom, JH Park, C Hwang, Y Seo
    Nature Scientific reports 5, 13331
  5. A progressive route for tailoring electrical transport in MoS2
    MA Shehzad, S Hussain, MF Khan, J Eom, J Jung, Y Seo
    Nano Research 9 (2), 380-391
  6. Study of grains and boundaries of molybdenum diselenide and tungsten diselenide using
    liquid crystal
    MA Shehzad, S Hussain, J Lee, J Jung, N Lee, G Kim, Y Seo
    Nano letters 17 (3), 1474-1481
  7. Dynamics of liquid crystal on hexagonal lattice
    MA Shehzad, Junsu Lee, Sang Hoon Park, Imtisal Akhtar, Muhammad Farooq Khan,
    Sajjad Hussain, Jonghwa Eom, Jongwan Jung, Gunn Kim, Chanyong Hwang, Y Seo
    2Dmaterials, 5 (4), 045021
  8. Tuned synthesis of novel 3D mesoscopic ZnO crystals using buffer layer assisted grown
    MA Shehzad, M Hafeez, S Rehman, AS Bhatti
    AIP Advances 3 (7), 072102
  9. Simple photolithography process for graphene based device with edge contact
    MA Shehzad, Sanghoon Park, Woosuk Choi, Young hwi Kwon, Jonghwa Eom (Equal
  10. Visibility of hexagonal boron nitride on transparent substrates
    DC Nguyen, M Kim, M Hussain, I Akhtar, BA Naqvi, MA Shehzad, J Jung
    Nanotechnology, 2020
  11. Distinct detection of thermally induced spin voltage in Pt/WS2/Ni81Fe19 by inverse spin Hall
    G Dastgeer, MA Shehzad, J Eom
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2019
  12. Anomalous photoluminescence and UV light sensing characteristics of ZnO:Ga
    nanowires—role of Ga content
    MS Riaz, T Nazir, A Farooq, MA Shehzad, AS Bhatti, Journal of Materials Science:
    Materials in Electronics, pp 1–8, July, 2019
  13. Visualizing Degradation of Black Phosphorus Using Liquid Crystals
    BA Naqvi, MA Shehzad, J Cha, KA Min, MF Khan, S Hussain, Y Seo
    Scientific reports 8 (1), 12966
  14. Influence of an Al2O3 interlayer in a directly grown graphene-silicon Schottky junction solar
    MA Rehman, I Akhtar, W Choi, K Akbar, A Farooq, S Hussain, MA. Shehzad, Y Seo
    Carbon 132, 157-164
  15. A facile route to a high-quality graphene/MoS2 vertical field-effect transistor with gatemodulated
    photocurrent response
    MF Khan, MA Shehzad, MZ Iqbal, MW Iqbal, G Nazir, Y Seo, J Eom
    Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5 (9), 2337-2343
  16. Effect of grain boundaries on electrical properties of polycrystalline graphene
    S Park, MA Shehzad, MF Khan, G Nazir, J Eom, H Noh, Y Seo
    Carbon 112, 142-148
  17. Influence of removing PMMA residues on surface of CVD graphene using a contact-mode
    atomic force microscope
    W Choi, MA Shehzad, S Park, Y Seo
    RSC Advances 7 (12), 6943-6949
  18. Synthesis and characterization of large-area and continuous MoS2 atomic layers by RF
    magnetron sputtering
    S Hussain, MA Shehzad, D Vikraman, MF Khan, J Singh, DC Choi, Y Seo Nanoscale 8
    (7), 4340-4347
  19. n-MoS2/p-Si solar cells with Al2O3 passivation for enhanced photogeneration
    A Rehman, MF Khan, MA Shehzad, S Hussain, MF Bhopal, SH Lee
    ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (43), 29383-29390
  20. Layer-modulated, wafer scale and continuous ultra-thin WS2 films grown by RF sputtering
    via post-deposition annealing
    S Hussain, MF Khan, MA Shehzad, D Vikraman, MZ Iqbal, DC Choi,
    Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4 (33), 7846-7852
  21. Deep-ultraviolet-light-driven reversible doping of WS2 field-effect transistors
    MW Iqbal, MZ Iqbal, MF Khan, MA Shehzad, Y Seo, J Eom
    Nanoscale 7 (2), 747-757
  22. The pronounced role of impurity phases in the optical properties of Mn catalyzed ZnS
    U Nosheen, MA Shehzad, S Rehman, M Hafeez, MA Khan, U Manzoor, AIP Advances 5 (9), 097115
  23. Influence of polyethylene glycol 600 on cellulose acetate membranes for reverse osmosis
    A Sabir, M Shafiq, A Islam, SM Khan, T Jamil, MT Zahid, A Shafeeq, MA Shehzad
    Polymers Research Journal 9 (2), 291
  24. Controlled synthesis and optical properties of polycrystalline molybdenum disulfide atomic
    layers grown by chemical vapor deposition
    S Hussain, MA Shehzad, D Vikraman, MZ Iqbal, J Singh, MF Khan, J Eom
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds 653, 369-378
  25. Cu/MoS2/ITO based hybrid structure for catalysis of hydrazine oxidation
    S Hussain, K Akbar, D Vikraman, MA Shehzad, S Jung, Y Seo, J Jung
    RSC Advances 5 (20), 15374-15378
  26. Essential role of catalysts (Mn, Au, and Sn) in the vapor liquid solid growth kinematics of
    ZnS nanowires
    S Rehman, MA Shehzad, M Hafeez, AS Bhatti
    Journal of Applied Physics 115 (2), 024312
  27. Photocurrent response of MoS2 field-effect transistor by deep ultraviolet light in
    atmospheric and N2 gas environments
    MF Khan, MW Iqbal, MZ Iqbal, MA Shehzad, Y Seo, J Eom
    ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (23), 21645-21651
  28. Effect of varied Ag nanoparticles functionalized CNTs on its anti-bacterial activity against
    E. coli
    SJ Kazmi, MA Shehzad, S Mehmood, M Yasar, A Naeem, AS Bhatti
    Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 216, 287-294
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