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Inventions / Patents List


22 patents issued/pending in synthesis of nanostructures, nanopatterning, bio-chem sensing, metrology, instrumentation and software control.


1. Dravid, Vinayak, Hujsak, Karl, Myers, Benjamin. “A Method for Acquiring Intentionally Limited Data and the Machine Learning Approach to Reconstruct It.” Invention Disclosure NU2015-143. Filed 10 September 2015.

2. Wu, Jinsong, Dravid, Vinayak, Xu, Junming. “Co3O4 nanocubes homogenously assembled on few-layer graphene as anode materials for high energy density lithium-ion battery.” Invention Disclosure NU2014-158. Filed 9 October 2014.

3. Shekhawat, Gajendra and Dravid, Vinayak P. “Scanning Near Field Thermoelastic Acoustic Holography (SNFTAH).” Invention Disclosure #NU2010-051. Filed: 20 April 2010.

4. Dravid, Vinayak, Sharma, Saurabh, Tomita, Tadanori. “Magnetic Nanostructures as Potent Selective Theranostic Agent for Medulloblastoma (A Pediatric Brain Tumor) and Related Central Nervous System (CNS) Cancer.” Invention Disclosure #NU29172. Filed: 22 October 2009.

5. Dravid, Vinayak, Sharma, Saurabh, Klein, William L, Viola, Kristen L. “Magnetic Nanostructure for the Diagnosis and Therapy of Alzheimer’s and Related Diseases.” Invention Disclosure #NU29169. Filed: 9 October 2009.

6. Meade, Thomas, Dravid, Vinayak, Aslam, Mohammed, Sikma, Elise Schultz. “Novel T1-T2 Multimodal Contrast Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.” Invention Disclosure NU27101. Filed 18 July 2007.

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