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Akshay Murthy

Akshay Murthy

Materials Science and Engineering
Northwestern University
Room: 1141, Cook Hall
2220 Campus Drive
Evanston Il, 60208-3113

Phone: 847-491-7798

Educational Background

2015 - Present Northwestern University, Doctoral Student, Materials Science and Engineering
2012 - 2015 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, B.S. Materials Science and Engineering

Research Objectives

I aim to study two-dimensional, atomically thin chalcogenide layered structures. Because these materials are placed under spatial confinement, they tend to exhibit novel, yet tunable properties. I am particularly interested in characterizing heterostructures and/or defect sites within these materials via advanced microscopy techniques. This work will be done in an effort to pave the way for these materials to be used in next-generation electronic devices.

Selected Publications 

  1. Murthy, A. A.; Stanev, T. K.; Cain, J. D.; Stern, N. P.; Dravid, V. P., Intrinsic transport in 2D heterostructures mediated through h-BN tunneling contacts. Nano Letters. 18 (5), 2018 2990-2998
  2. Murthy, A. A.;Li, Y.; Palacios, E.; Li, Q.; Ho, S.; Wolverton, C.; Aydin, K.; Chen, X.; Dravid, V.P., Optically active 1D MoS2nano-belts. ACS App. Mater & Interfaces. 10 (8), 2018, 6799-6804.
  3. Li, Y.; Moy, E. C.; Murthy, A. A.; Hao, S.; Cain, J. D.; Hanson, E. D.; DiStefano, J. G.; Chae, W. H.; Li, Q.; Wolverton, C.; Chen, X.; Dravid, V. P., Large‐Scale Fabrication of MoS2 Ribbons and Their Light‐Induced Electronic/Thermal Properties: Dichotomies in the Structural and Defect Engineering. Advanced Functional Materials.2018
  4. Li, Y.; Hao, S.; DiStefano, J. G.; Murthy, A. A.; Hanson, E. D.; Xu, Y.; Wolverton, C.; Chen, X.; Dravid, V.P., Site-Specific Positioning and Patterning of MoS2 Monolayers – The Role of Au Seeding. ACS Nano. 12 (9), 20188970–8976
  5. Li, Y.; Majewski, M. B.; Islam, S. M.; Murthy, A. A.; DiStefano, J. G.; Hanson, E. D.; Li, Q.; Kanatzidis, M. G.; Wasielewski, M. R.; Chen, X.; Dravid, V. P., Morphological Engineering of Winged Au@ MoS2 Heterostructures for Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution. Nano Letters. Article ASAP 2018
  6. Chae, W. H.; Cain, J. D.; Hanson, E. D.; Murthy, A. A.;Dravid, V. P., Substrate-induced strain and charge doping in CVD-grown monolayer MoS2. Applied Physics Letters111 (14) 2017: 143106.
  7. Li, Y.; DiStefano, J. G.; Murthy, A. A.;Cain, J. D.; Hanson, E. D.; Hao, S.; Li, Q.; Castro, F. C.; Chen, X.; Dravid, V. P., Plasmon-induced interfacial charge-transfer transition in Au@MoS2 heterostructures for superior plasmonic photodetectors. ACS nano 11 (10), 2017, 10321-10329.
  8. Li, Y.; Cain, J. D.; Hanson, E. D.; Murthy, A. A.; Hao, S.; Shi, F.; Li, Q.; Wolverton, C.; Chen, X.; Dravid, V. P., Au@ MoS2 Core–Shell Heterostructures with Strong Light–Matter Interactions. Nano Letters16 (12), 2016, 7696–7702.
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