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Shraddha Avasthy - Intel Corp.

Jeffrey David Cain - Chalcogenide layered structures

Woo Hyun Chae - Layered materials and transition metal dichalcogenides

Jipeng Cheng, Visiting Scholar - Nanocomposites for Energy Storage

Steven (Wei-Hsin) Chen - Printing by using 2D/ 3D materials

Stan Shihyao Chou - Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM

Mrinmoy De - Bangalore, India

Neena Gilda - Flexible electronics for health

Yi-Kai Huang - Intel Corp., Hillsboro, OR.

Shanthi Kanthala, Ph.D. - Sr. Scientist I, Kashiv Pharma LLC Bridgewater, NJ

Shuyou Li, Ph.D. - Electron Microscopist, EPIC Facility, NUANCE; Analytical electron microscopy, computational microscopy

Qianqian Li - Synthesis and modification of electrode materials

Qingyuan Lin - DNA Nanopatterning

Bin Liu - Intel Corp, CA

Heguang Liu, Visiting Student - Fabrication and in-situ characterization of energy materials

Shih-Han Lo - Intel Corp., Hillsboro, OR.

Langli Luo, Ph.D. - EPIC Research Associate, SEM,in situ TEM, S/TEM,

Chiara Musumeci - Advanced Scanning Probe Microscopy

Yakira Mirabito - Novel and emerging microscopy techniques to investigate cell behavior before and after drug delivery

Sneha Shankar - Functionalization and Biomedical applications of MNS as a theranostic for CVD

Fengyuan Shi, PhD - Research Specialist, UIC, IL

Xin Wang, PhD - Atomic Force Microscopy, Colloidal Deposition, Interfacial Adhesion

Aiming Yan - Zettl Group, University of California, Berkeley, CA

Prof. Yufeng Zhao, Visiting Scholar - Design and synthesis of porous materials and nanomaterials, and their application in energy field

Jing Yu, Visiting Student - 2D materials, energy storage and conversion

Dhruv Agarwala - GE, CT

Nasim Alem - Research Associate LBL, CA

M Aslam - Asst Prof IIT, Bombay India

Rohan Bhobe - Stanford University, CA

Luke N Brewer - Sandia National Laboratory, NM

Balaji Chandrasekaran - Applied Materials, CA

Ethan-Young Chang - Samsung, South Korea

Chianqiang (CQ) Chen - University of Iowa

S C Cheng - Corning Corp, NY

Nora Colligan - Samsung, TX

Elizabeth Dickey - Professor, Director of Graduate Programs, North Carolina State University, NC

Suresh Donthu - Exponent Inc, MD

Shanwei Fan - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, Taiwan

Lei Fu - Photronics Austin, TX

Howard Gholston - Intel Corp, AZ

Darrius Guiden - Medtronic, IL

Murat Guruz - Hitachi-IBM Alliance, CA

Travis Harper - GE Aircraft Engines, OH

April Hixon - Containerless Corp, IL

Jonathan Host - Senior Engineer Hemlock Corp, MI


Hao Hu - Price Waterhouse Coopers, NY

Jinha Hwang - Professor Hongik University, South Korea

Thomas Isabell - JEOL, MA

Manish Jaiswal - Texas A&M, TX

Katie Jaycox - NU Microgravity Group, IL

Kevin D Johnson - Intel Corp, OR

Steven T Kim - EmiSpec Inc, AZ

Kevin L Klug - Scientist CTC Corp, PA

Xiwei Lin - Intel Corp, OR

Henry Lippard - ALLVac Inc, NC

Zhen Liu - Technical Staff Arizona State University, AZ

Sylvie Malo - Professor CRISMAT/CNRS, France

Mike Miller - Gas Research Institute GRI, IL

Ben Murphy - Triton Systems, MA

Conal Murray - IBM Watson Research Center Yorktown, NY

Zixiao Pan - Exponent Inc, CA

Nazir Poonawala - intel Corp, OR

Pradyumna Prabhumirashi - Intel Corp, CA

Weida Qian - Intel Corp, OR

Feng Qu - Private consultant

V Ravikumar - GE Global Research, NY

Felix Richter - Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY

Richard Rodrigues - Intel Corp, CA

Jason Ross - Timken Steels, OH

Saurabh Sharma - Children's Memorial Hospital, IL

Arvind Srivastava - Nanosonix Inc, IL

Michelle St Louis-Weber - Intel Corp, CA

Shelly St Louis-Weber - Intel Corp, CA

Ming Su - Assistant Professor University of Central Florida, FL

Tao Sun - Argonne National Laboratories, IL

Yun-Yu Wang - IBM Corp, NY

Yanguo Wang - Professor Beijing University, China

Nathan Wilcox - Intel Corp, CA

Hong Zhang - Applied Materials, CA

Ben Zhou - Consultant

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