VPD Group

Eric W. Roth

Northwestern University
Silverman Hall, Rm 4557
Chemistry of Life Processes Institute,
2170 Campus Drive
Evanston IL, 60208-3113

Tel: (847) 467-4164
Fax: (847) 467-6573

Email: eric-roth@northwestern.edu

Educational/Research Background

Current Northwestern University, NUANCE / QBIC

New York University School of Medicine
Office of Collaborative Sciences Electron Microscopy Core

2005-2007 M.A.T.C. Madison- Electron Microscopy Facility

Research Objectives and Approach

  • Cryo sample processing for electron microscopy and EDS analysis of low contrast biological and material samples including Tokuyasu method and cryo-ultramicrotomy of high pressure frozen vitreous samples
  • Development of handling and processing protocol of single cells for electron microscopy
  • Assisting the development of new SEM and TEM/STEM soft sample preparation labs at NUANCE and QBIC

Publications and Supported Works

Cell.com Cell Picture Show Immunology



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