VPD Group

Kai He, PhD

Research Assistant Professor Kai He
TEM Facility Manager
EPIC, NUANCE Center - Northwestern University
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Rm 1156 Cook Hall

Tel: 847-491-6723
Fax: 847-467-6573
Email: he@northwestern.edu

Educational Background and Work Experience

2015-present   Research Assistant Professor, Northwestern University

2013-2015       Research Associate, Brookhaven National Laboratory

2011-2013       Ellen Williams Fellow/Assistant Research Scientist, University of Maryland

2006-2010       Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering, Arizona State University

Awards and Honors

2016      Co-organizer of In-situ TEM Symposium for M&M Conference

2015      Co-organizer of Nano-Magnetism Focus Topic for APS March Meeting

2014      Microscopy Society of America’s Presidential Scholar Award

2011      Ellen Williams Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship

2011      NIST-ARRA Fellowship (awarded but declined)

2010      Invited Speaker & Travel Grant of the Joint MMM/Intermag Conference

2009      Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Studying Abroad

2009      Best Student Paper of IEEE Magnetics

Research Interest and Expertise

• In-situ analytical S/TEM
• Aberration corrected electron microscopy
• 3D quantitative STEM-EELS/EDS
• Electron holography
• Functional nanomaterials for magnetic, electronic and energy applications

Selected Publications

  • K. He, et al. “Sodiation Kinetics of Metal Oxide Conversion Electrodes: a Comparative Study with Lithiation”, Nano Letters, 15, 5755 (2015).

  • K. He, et al. “Transitions from near-surface to interior redox upon lithiation in conversion electrode materials”, Nano Letters, 15, 1437 (2015).

  • Y. Wen, K. He (equal contribution), et al. “Expanded Graphite as Superior Anode for Sodium-Ion Batteries”, Nature Communications, 5, 4033 (2014).

  • K. He, et al. “Sodiation via Heterogeneous Disproportionation in FeF2 Electrodes for Sodium-Ion Batteries”, ACS Nano, 8, 7251 (2014).

  • K. He, et al. “Diagnosing nanoelectronic components using coherent electrons”, Nano Letters, 13, 4815 (2013).

  • K. He, et al. “Silicon Nanowires: Electron holography studies of doped p-n junctions and biased Schottky barriers”, Nanotechnology, 24, 115703 (2013).

  • K. He*, et al. “Effects of vortex chirality and shape anisotropy on magnetization reversal of Co nanorings (Invited)”, Journal of Applied Physics, 107, 09D307 (2010).

  • K. He*, et al. “Direct visualization of three-step magnetization reversal of nanopatterned spin-valve elements using off-axis electron holography”, Applied Physics Letters (Front Cover), 94, 172503 (2009).

  • K. He*, et al. “Observation of asymmetrical pinning of domain walls in notched Permalloy nanowires using electron holography”, Applied Physics Letters, 95, 182507 (2009).

  • K. He, et al. “Hydrothermal Synthesis and Characterization of Single-Crystalline Fe3O4 Nanowires with High Aspect Ratio and Uniformity”, Materials Letters, 61, 3159 (2007).