VPD Group

Xinqi Chen, PhD


Research Assistant ProfessorDr. Xinqi Chen
Facility Manager
Keck Interdisciplinary Surface Science (Keck-II) Center
Northwestern University
2220 Campus Drive, Cook Hall #1161
Evanston, IL 60208-3108

Tel: 847-491-5505
Fax: 847-467-6573

 E-mail: xchen@northwestern.edu

 Educational Background and Work Experience

PhD, Electronic Engineering, 1999, Kyoto University, Japan

 Research Projects

Nanomaterials synthesis and characterization, Experimental nanomechanics, Surface characterization methods.


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  • Supinda Watcharotone, Charles D. Wood, Robert Friedrich, Xinqi Chen, Rui Qiao, Karl Putz and L. Catherine Brinson, Interfacial and Substrate Effects on Local Elastic Properties of Polymers Using Coupled Experiments and Modeling of Nanoindentation, ADVANCED ENGINEERING MATERIALS 2011, 13, No. 5, 400-404.
  • Mingli Yang, Jarod L. Kabulski, Lance Wollenberg, Xinqi Chen, Murali Subramanian, Timothy S. Tracy, David Lederman, Peter M. Gannett, and Nianqiang Wu, Electrocatalytic Drug Metabolism by CYP2C9 Bonded to A Self-Assembled Monolayer-Modified Electrode, DRUG METABOLISM AND DISPOSITION, 37:892–899, 2009.
  • Mingjia Zhi, Xinqi Chen, Harry Finklea, Ismail Celik, Nianqiang Q. Wu, Electrochemical and microstructural analysis of nickel–yttria-stabilized zirconia electrode operated in phosphorus-containing syngas, Journal of Power Sources 183 (2008) 485–490.
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